when you look bad in a photo…

Beauty, body image

I confess: because everyone is on social media and sharing photos of their lives, I get frustrated when I cannot get a picture with myself in it where I look good enough.

It’s true, I cannot get a picture where I look good enough, because I’m looking for what I want to look like, which is a mix of my imagination and what I did look like ten years ago. In the past I’ve achieved that face by taking a hundred selfies, where one of them happen to be in an angle and lighting that makes my eyes look bigger, my face narrower and my skin smoother than they usually appear. In other words – a selfie where I looked different, prettier than I actually do.

Don’t compare with other people’s good selfies! They are often times one shot in a hundred. Don’t think they just happen! They are practiced and constructed. Remember also that some people make a profession of being photographed well, and some people make a profession of making people look amazing in photographs.

However, it is true that the more you have your picture taken, the more photogenic you might become. It’s because you’ve been exercising the smile muscles and you’ve practised your photo-ready face.

Get to know what you really look like and embrace it. There are photos of me which I think I look bad, but others think are a great picture of me. And whether photogenic or not, the “bad pictures of you” are actually a reminder of how much more you are than how you appeared in a photo. The “look pretty” curse loosens its hold.

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