To aspire to a made up face

Beauty, LOVE

About four months into being a new mom, I decided I had to do something to look pretty again. Smiling is one sure and genuine way, but I can do more than that! I spent two days browsing the website of a brand. Each product is said to be good for one or two aspects of skin health. Choose one or two to narrow down to which product you need: Radiance, blemish-free, anti-acne, anti-aging, moisturization, shine control, etc. And it took me forever to choose because: I need them all!

I really sat with the discomfort of picking at my own flaws and figuring out what I wish my skin could be. I want it to be smooth, radiant, blemish free, poreless, moisturized. I can picture it, skin that looks like the women in the magazines. I want my skin to look like theirs so I don’t need to wear makeup.

But wait, women in magazines wear makeup.
Yup. I want my skin to look like theirs, but without the makeup.

But wait. Women in magazines look that way BECAUSE they have makeup on! Some of them may naturally, or by hard work, have really good skin, yes, but they were also photographed by professionals, and possibly airbrushed too!

This is it: I was aspiring to have my bare skin, my face, look like a madeup face. What is a madeup face? It’s not a real face.

To want to make something natural to look like something artificially enhanced, without using enhancements – I can’t even wrap my head around how absurd it is. Dear Mother Nature, I’m sorry for the disrespect in that aspiration of mine.

The commercials did their job very well but I’m all the wiser now. It’s a good thing I’m a bit stingy with my money. Prudent, I think, is the correct word 🙂

So what did I do about my skin? I bought one new cleanser, was more diligent at using my acne topical cream, and changed one habit. I cut back on coffee. It’s working. And I’m no longer comparing myself to the made up faces in the magazines.

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