beauty from within


I read this story in a manga when I was little: a blind young man lives in a mansion with his family. His parents and older sisters are always fighting over his wellbeing as if he is incapable of doing anything on his own. With them, he feels not like a living person but just a liability and object for concern. He has a carer, a young woman, whom his family treats like a maid. From what they say, she is a very ugly woman and his sisters especially despise her.

The carer is the opposite to his family. She talks gently, moves gently and she is the only person who shows him any respect and kindness. As the young man becomes increasingly fond of her, something strange happened: One day he woke up and he was no longer blind. The first and only thing he wanted to do was run away, and he would take his carer, the only person who loves him in this house, with him. He found her, she was looking away, her long hair down her back. She insisted she could not look at him because she would frighten him: she was truly the ugliest person he would ever see! His family has heard the racket and is closing in around him. He grabbed her wrist and ran through the rooms. His sisters came running, and what a shock! They were hardly humans! They had these zombie eyes and when they called his name, sharp pointed fangs stuck out from their mouths! He kept running and running, still clutching his carer’s slender wrist. She was resisting all this time, asking for him to stop, still with the back of her head towards him. Finally he pulled her in and turned her around.

What did he see?

The most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She was crying, but even then, she was just as beautiful as he had imagined her to be.

(The end)

As evil fanged women don’t exist, we don’t know for sure if the carer’s face was beautiful or not. She might well be ugly, but the young man knew her as gentle, kind and loving. That was the young man’s strange new ability: to see people literally according to what they’re like on the inside.

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