it’s not you, it’s the bra

body image

When I was 25 I had to shop for a strapless bra. Up until then, I had always thought I had an odd chest, an unfortunate mix of the worst: small breasts, wide ribs. It led me to believe that bras are supposed to be suffocating, a problem which either nobody else has or nobody seems to be bothered by; and that if I wanted room to breathe, I’ll have to be a cups half full kind of girl (do I sound like an optimist now?). I thought, it shouldn’t be this way, the cups should be full, perhaps a bit overflowing even, according to the pictures. There is something wrong with my body. I’m just so odd that my chest doesn’t fit into the sizes and shapes that are available.

The sizes and shapes that are available. That means, what would really fit my body IS NOT available. This changes everything. Because, not to be finger pointing or anything, but whose fault is it now that a bra that will fit me perfectly isn’t available? The bra makers who didn’t make it!

Our bodies are Nature’s creations. We were made this way. Bras, however, are man-made products, designed by people FOR people. Since when would anyone blame Nature for it not fitting into something that’s man-made? Designs are to fit us, like furniture, beds, pillows and clothing too, are designed to fit our body, not the other way around.

Next time a bra or top or pair of jeans doesn’t fit you, you’ll have to keep looking around, but don’t blame it on yourself for having too much or too little of anything. It’s just that the designers neglected to create something that would fit a shape as special as yours.

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