about shopping cosmetics…

Beauty, body image

The truth is, companies make the most money off of us when we feel we’re not pretty enough. There must have been a time when people who made those companies genuinely thought they were providing a service to women. Now I find it hard to believe. But what I believe and the intentions of the companies don’t matter. What matters is that, the more products there are to supposedly improve the way we look, the more it makes us feel the way we currently look is not enough. With their commercials and super models, they keep raising the bar towards an unattainable standard, the standard itself being an illusion of a possibility, because the commercials and pictures in magazines are not realistic portraits but artistic creations.

The cosmetic stores and make up counters are not selling an everyday necessity, or a social norm, or a solution to all your problems, or tickets to more popularity and love, though it can feel as if they are. With all the primers, brushes, pencils, and the most wonderful of all – a million shades and colors! What they are really selling is art supplies. And instead of papers and canvases, they also sell products that prep, prime and allegedly enhance our canvas which is our face.

To look pretty is a skill that each of us may or may not need at various degrees of competence. For some of us, it’s a hobby or a profession. To decorate, enhance and embellish is a human impulse; it’s wonderful to make anything look pretty! However, it is not every woman’s job or lifelong goal or anything like that.Sketch260171210

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