A Plus-Size Goddess

body image

This is Joyce Cheng. She is the first plus-size Goddess in Hong Kong. “Goddess” is a new word used in the media and on the internet for a beautiful woman, which by default is never an overweight woman in Hong Kong. Apart from being attractive, a “Goddess” has something extra, like an air of nobility or purity, or she is good in her profession.

Miss Joyce Cheng’s mother was the only overweight actress and celebrity in her days. She was a beloved comedian. Joyce has also been on television since a young age, though I remember only a lot of jokes and ridicule over her presence as a celebrity. Over the years she acted, sang and lost a lot of weight. Then she continued to work very hard under the media and the public’s scrutiny to keep her weight down. Until one day she said she’s done. She’s had enough. She’s had enough of dieting and losing weight. It does not make her happy. It makes her suffer, it makes her sad. Since then, she’s become a whole new other icon. She’s no longer the naturally large-size girl being laughed at for trying to fit into an industry full of skinny girls. She is now the only plus-size woman who doesn’t need to be funny to fit in. She is the first and only plus-size woman who, by her new song Goddess, becomes a Goddess, and even some of the public are now beginning to see her as such.

Dear Joyce,

It was a life-changing moment for me to listen to your new song Goddess. You have given it a new and now real definition to this title. It’s no longer a synonym to a standard pretty face over which people and the media agree or ridicule. A Goddess, by your definition, is self-coronated and recognized by people who actually know her and love her, and has nothing to do with what the rest of the world thinks. This makes it truly empowering to see oneself and others as Goddesses.

From what I’ve seen on the internet, there are many people who might have a story to tell about their relationship with you, though we’ve never met you. I too have one, which I believe is similar to most people’s. It’s about how your courage and confidence from a young age seemed to be a bit too bold and possibly a threat to people your age because we were too insecure and immature. At a time when I was barely skinny enough to avoid being called fat, and nowhere pretty enough to be lovable, I was secretly relieved that I was not you. I could have been. I weighed 100lbs in fifth grade. You’ve finally rescued yourself from the torture and prison of social expectations, while most women continue the battle with feeling not skinny enough and not pretty enough.

Thank you so much for showing me how this is done. The popularity of your song exposes how prejudiced and discriminating we’ve been about women’s size, and how we’ve all been waiting for someone to tell the truth about what it is to be beautiful. It’s much to do with confidence, love, kindness, courage and integrity, and nothing to do with weight.

You are a source of light. Not just now, but ever since I’ve known you on TV. Only now people your age, like me, are mature enough to see it. Thank you.


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