re-defining “lazy” and “ugly”

Beauty, body image

“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.”
That’s a saying in Chinese that, when I was younger, I found to be encouraging. It was encouraging to know you don’t have to be born pretty, because you can work towards becoming it!

Now I find it to be one of the most useless and toxic things for a woman to hear. Sorry to bring it on you if you’ve never heard of such a thing, but there are a lot of fake-truths out there, or at least some are so dated that they should no longer have a place. By questioning one, I hope we can question more.

We are so prone to feeling not enough already. If by thinking we’re not pretty enough, which we do often because we’re comparing ourselves to those constructed magazine pictures of what pretty “should be”, we get the bad name of being lazy, that’s just unnecessary. We have enough suffering as it is, let’s not take up another one.

I also don’t believe in lazy. I think lazy is relative. I think it’s often an attack from those who think they work hard towards something they believe to be important, on those who make different choices or value different things.

 Recently there’s a new interpretation:

‘“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” What this means is not that you must work hard on your skincare, but that you must do all that you can to protect what you believe to be important. To fight for Hong Kong’s core values, the true core values shared by all humanity. When you keep shrinking back and being silent, that’s when you’re really making your city ugly.’

This was on a news clip produced by an independent online TV channel, TVMost, on June 8th 2016, about the French cosmetic designer brand, Lancôme, one-sidedly cancelling a music event in Hong Kong with Denise Ho (HOCC), a singer who is seen by Mainland China as a dissident. Lancôme’s action is allegedly for fear of offending their market in Mainland China.

The news clip for Cantonese/Chinese readers:


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