teaching positive body image to ourselves and our girls

BEING A MOM, body image

If I’d been becoming more aware of how we are influenced by the media and the people around us, our mothers especially, then it’s becoming a mom myself that pushes me into action. There is lots to learn to cultivate a healthy body image. The best type of body image is perhaps one that won’t even be a topic, because we won’t be focusing, commenting or judging ourselves and each other based on our sizes and shapes any more.

This PE-TISH-ION by a ten year old girl is what I aspire to. How her mom, Glennon Doyle Melton, waded into the insecurities triggered by the glossy magazines aisle with her daughter, Tish, is also what I aspire to. It is a must-read for all women, girls and moms. Read her whole blog, it will make you cry and fill you up!

I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble, but I really want to share this one sentence from Glennon’s post:

And I said, “That’s why this feels bad to you. Because this is a lie. There’s nothing wrong with you, baby. There’s something wrong with THIS.”



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