one way to self-acceptance and love is…

body image, LOVE

In Hong Kong we are quite harsh to overweight and unattractive people. We call them by the elementary school book terms, fat and ugly. Lately, the beautiful women are called Goddesses while their opposites have been called pork chops. Goddesses are rare. Pork chops can be used widely on all women, whatever their size, who is seen as unattractive.

The thing is, magazines and men are not the only culprit. We women are as harsh and mean towards one another, if not worse. To accept ourselves, let’s also accept others. When we make demeaning or pitying remarks about another woman’s shape and size, we’ve added to the poison out there and reinforced the bars of that mental prison. That prison for the crime of not being beautiful enough to be a good and worthy woman.

Can we hold off the conversations about someone’s looks and size, unless you have something good to say? Let’s try to find something else to talk about, like what she does and how she behaves. Let’s try to accept people and be kind. That’s one way to finding yourself to self acceptance and love.

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