gentleness and attention = love

Beauty, body image, LOVE


“Beautiful” looks different to everyone. Let’s not be in denial: some of us really do appear more beautiful than a lot of us. But is that important? It might feel like it is because we can get so jealous about it. Actually it is not. Because more than being “beautiful”, deep down all we want is to be worthy, worthy of love, success, happiness, a good life. The moment we buy into the belief that we have to look a certain way before we can get love, success, happiness and a good life, we’ve distanced ourselves from those things.

Some days I still hear a frustrated voice: I can’t be happy while my skin isn’t clear. I’ll have to do something about it so I can be happy again.

The energy is criticizing and angry to start with but it can shift when I give myself more attention. Like when I look at myself, spend time to figure out what might cause flare-ups by paying attention to my body, or like when I’m physically gentler with myself. Even if I don’t find an answer, the simple act of giving myself this care and attention makes a lot of difference. It’s like, finally there’s someone who can help, someone to rely on who won’t give up or leave. This person says, I’m gonna be here with you on this, I got your back. And you completely trust and believe her because you feel that she’s telling the truth, because you and her are one.

It is a moment of bliss. I feel safe, rescued, redeemed, loved, loving, strong and powerful at the same time. My skin isn’t clear yet, but that moment is happiness.

We all look different but we’re the same.

We are perfect, not because we’re free of flaws, but because we are enough and do not require improvement to be worthy.

We are beautiful, not because anybody thinks so but simply because everyone is, by default of being a life on earth.

We are all equally worthy already.

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