14 Days of Love: Day 2, and how much is too much

14 Days of Love, LOVE


potato-chips-are-yummy-1328030-639x852FreeImages.com/Ned Horton

Day 2: I finally went to see the movie Finding Dory. I quite enjoy going to a movie alone, do you? I do, because I don’t need to wait for anybody else’s schedule to clear. 🙂

There are different levels of self-love, I learned. Some acts of love are obvious, like treating yourself to a food, item or experience that you have wanted for a while. Just be careful not to indulge in overeating or overspending. Indulgent behaviors like that are signs that you’re not in tune with what your body and soul need. I think what we usually call a guilty pleasure is about just right – a one-off, or a controlled occurrence, of having ice cream, getting a massage, doing a  Netflix-marathon, the thing that your heart desires.

But how much is too much? I check my satisfaction level.

With watching TV shows, I’ll enjoy one episode at 100% satisfaction. I might clamor to watch a second, but after the initial few minutes where it resolves what’s left off from the first episode, satisfaction wanes to 80%. If I watch a third, I just might not feel the thrill any more, even as the storyline keeps moving. Satisfaction has dropped to 60%. That’s where I’ll stop, so that I can enjoy this show another night at the full 100%.

Apply this satisfaction check on things you easily do on autopilot, like eating chips. Or scrolling through Facebook. Too much is where you’re not really interested but you keep scrolling, wanting to find the next exciting thing, just one more, just one more, and the one more never comes because your mind is no longer sharp enough to be interested. The moment you realize that satisfaction is low, is the moment to physically remove yourself from that activity, so that you can do something else more satisfying or constructive.

By the way, watching Finding Dory was 200% satisfaction!


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