14 Days of Love: Day 3 – say YES to (pokemon) adventures

14 Days of Love, LOVE, SHORT STORIES

Arachnophobics be glad this was hard to photograph ūüėČ

After the baby was put to bed, husband suggested we go play Pokemon Go, while his parents keep an ear out for the baby. What constituted today’s Act of Love? Allow husband to ask for help and accept it. Step outside of your routine, even if you’re a little tired, and¬†say YES to that little new thing, and have a guilty pleasure¬†adventure-date¬†on a weeknight.

For the first time I went to a library not for the books. We haven’t seen the place by day, but at night it is Spider Central. A 10-meter stretch of railing is full of spiders in their intricate webs, dotted with their prey. The railing is lit too, making it a showcase of¬†“the most spider and webs you’ve ever seen”. ¬†What attracted them all to camp out there? Maybe this place over the river¬†is also Flies Central, where spiders come for their dinners?

The spiders are not the spooky part. There is bronze statue of a seated life-size boy with his head down reading a book. We call him Redo and I say hi to him and talk about him when we walk past, as if not acknowledging him is going to make him come alive and tap us on our shoulder the second we turn our backs.

We’ve since been going there quite often and we start to recognize some fellow Pokemon Go players. One¬†night when we arrived though, all three poke-stops had a lure going on, but there was NOBODY there. Where is everyone?¬†Who put the lures out? There are no pokemons around either.

“Wait, husband. It’s not the Pokemons. WE are¬†the ones who got lured to this place!”

Soon this woman who brings her dog appeared, she’s a regular. Then a man with a couple kids arrived. Did the woman put out all three lures?¬†We’ve overheard this same woman talk about a Magmar nest across the street. Finally the Magmar showed up on our “nearby” radar, and we decided to go explore. Before the crossing, we found her in front of us. “Let’s just follow her,” I whispered to husband. At the same time, she turned around and invited us to come right along.

She crossed the street with her head turned towards us, not seeing the car coming at us and we hurried her to cross, her little dog barking at us the whole time. We walked through an underpass, a dark opening to the community center to the left, and to the right, a bridge of unknown length, lit only by one lamp, with the freeway roaring overhead. I thought we didn’t need to go any further, since my Magmar appeared at this time. But while I focused on catching it, husband and the lady with the dog had made their way down the dark bridge.

Their Magmar shouldn’t be far away. I took a couple steps down the bridge but mainly stayed put, waiting for them, while still struggling to catch my Magmar. The phone screen was too bright compared to our surrounding that when I looked up again, I was blind in addition to it being dark. I made out only faint flutters of movement way ahead into the darkness after my eyes adjusted, and I started running towards them, my shadow waddling in front of me as I prayed that mine would be the only shadow I see.

Traffic continued to roar overhead, I felt like a little mouse caught in the space of a train track. Finally I got to the end, husband and lady with the dog stood there, finally found their Magmars. Just as I thought it was time to go back, lady went further into the darkness ahead. A¬†dog park by day, it is now a vast stretch of darkness, there was not a single lamp. Are those trees in the distance? What’s in the trees? Anything behind the trees? I remember the warning that came with the Pokemon app update:¬†“Don’t go into dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go”. This lady¬†just strutted into it no problem.

¬†Maybe she wasn’t the right person to follow.¬†Can we just turn around now?
“How far do you usually go?” Husband asked her. We stood on the edge, watching her.

“Oh this is as far as I go!” She turned around. “Yeah I wouldn’t have come alone if someone hadn’t shown me. And I always bring my dog with me because he’ll let me know if there’s anyone around!”

The place was still lampless. Traffic was still so loud like it’s threatening to fall on my head. There’s still the dark bridge to cross back. But there is a new light.¬†The light of knowledge that this lady is not crazy.



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