Day 11: awkward is okay

14 Days of Love, LOVE


Some other things I’ve done during 14 Days of Love was to schedule a haircut and a day off from work. On Day 11 I went to a salon that a friend recommended. I booked a stylist who’s a Japanese lady who enjoys family time with her son, hoping I’d get a chance at conversation. I sat in the waiting area facing the windows, she called my name from behind, I turned around and she was already walking away. I compared it to the other stylist who walked all the way over to look and smile at her client. When I sat in the chair she said we’ll wait for the shampoo station, which was fully occupied. She then walked away to the back, came back, and stood by the wall to wait, a few feet away from where I sat. She’s clearly made the choice not to interact with me while we wait.

This was very different from what I expect. I often half-dread the chit chat that hairdressers engage you in, but this distance seemed awkward too. But then I remember how I actually prefer less chit chat. I remember the many times I wish I could have just walked away or stood away on my own instead of having to make small talk with strangers. Granted, I didn’t have a customer, just a party full of people, but still. What’s really wrong with that? I might have done the same! And when we get down to business, we have plenty of time to pretend we were never averse to small talk with strangers.

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