Dr. Rintaro and Compassion


Two more stories from Dr. Rintaro:

An acclaimed novelist is having very negative reviews on his new work. To say he’s shocked and mad is an understatement; he is literally losing his mind. He no longer even recognizes his assistant. She shows up and he throws peanuts at her. “She’s a fake! That’s not my assistant!” Everyone thinks he’s deluded. People mourn the loss of one of the greatest, most creative minds in the literary world.

Dr. Rintaro went through a lot of trouble to help him. Finally he was willing to come to his office. Af the end of their first meeting, the doctor announced, “He is completely recovered and will be discharged today.” People were baffled. “He wasn’t sick really,” the doctor said. “He simply is a genius in making things up! He realized now what he was making up about his assistant, and he is ready to go back to writing novels!”

One of the most beloved ballerinas in Japan is seeing a psychiatrist and her behavior continues to be erratic. She lies, she’s arrogant, aggressive and rude. People don’t understand why she’s become like this.

Dr. Rintaro quickly found out that she’d stopped dancing since her husband passed away. One afternoon, he helped bring all her suppressed grief to the surface. As she cried and cried, the doctor said, “It isn’t good that you lie to get attention and you act as though you’re better than everyone else. Nonetheless, this behavior has helped you survive when your pain and grief were too much to bear. Now let’s take care of the pain and grief, so you can begin to be yourself again.”

Have you ever heard a more loving, forgiving and fair statement about what we normally see as bad behavior? I haven’t until now!

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