the feelings of a mug…


One night at home, all our usual white mugs were in the dishwasher and I found myself drinking out of the Cow mug. The Cow mug is one of four garishly colored cartoon animal mugs that live at the back of the cupboards. If I had to choose a favorite out of the four, I’d pick Cat. Cow would make second, just because my Chinese zodiac is the Ox. Having said that, Cow happened to be the one I grabbed at random that night.

So that’s what I was thinking as I realized I was drinking from the Cow mug. Then something overcame me that made me feel very sad.

I thought, this is the first time in I don’t know how long that anybody has taken Cow out of the cupboard and used it. As a mug, its whole purpose is to hold our water and tea and give us a drink. For months, or maybe a whole year, it’s been unseen, forgotten and without a chance to fulfil the purpose of its existence. With a special turn of fate, all the white mugs were gone, she could see out of the cupboard. She saw someone reaching towards her and maybe she got very excited, like “Oooh will she pick me? Ahhh she’s touching me! Ahhh this is the feeling of water, I remember now! It’s been so long, I’d forgotten how nice this is!”

Imagine having been unseen, forgotten, unfulfilled, and finally, being held and made useful.

I felt cruel to have compared and ranked her with other mugs based on the way she was painted. I felt her calm. She was there, in my hands, quietly and blissfully doing her job. She was maybe even thanking me, or thanking Life, for this chance to be alive again.

Imagine that in a different kitchen, in a different cupboard, other Cow mugs that look just like her may be placed at the front, the first ones to be picked, because they are someone’s favorite mug.

I love my Something Good mug and I use it everyday. I also use our white mugs at home everyday but have I ever loved them? They all look the same, just white and non-descript. If Cow mug has feelings, they must too. How does it feel to be used every day but not seen?

4 thoughts on “the feelings of a mug…

  1. I always think that “things” have feelings, maybe that is why I find it hard to throw stuff away. Imagine all the things my favourite cup has been through with me…laughter, tears, scary movies, funny stories, late nights and early mornings. Does this make me materialistic if I am so attached to a simple cup?

    I would definitely pick the cow mug over the white ones though. Anything with animals….right now I have a frog actually inside my cup!

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    1. Hi Bec! Do you have a frog actually inside your cup, or an actual frog inside your cup?! lol!
      That’s not materialistic at all; you’re sensitive and cherish your relationships 🙂

      I read a book about tidying up (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) and the author’s perspective on throwing out things you feel attached to but which no longer bring you joy: Thank them, remember how they brought you joy, see that they’ve fulfilled their mission with you, and now release them back out into the world so they may begin to have a new life.

      It’s a Circle of Life.


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