when emotions go fast and furious

LOVE, relationships

Common scenario: Someone just made a remark that upset me at the dinner table. It’s not the first time. It always happens. People don’t change. I pick up my finished plate and go to the sink. My chest is tight, I don’t want anybody to see my angry face and I’m teetering between throwing my things into the sink in a passive-aggressive statement, and sucking it up, telling myself it shouldn’t be a big deal. In the latter, the explosion happens later, either at the earliest possible invitation, or it opens the floodgate for a lot of other lovely poisoned things festering at the bottom of your heart.

Or, you wash the dishes and ask yourself: Is this where you want to stay? Is this what you want to create?

If you can just pause for a breath in, for a breath out, just a few seconds, give yourself time to decide what you want to do about this. Suddenly you’re not hurtling down the path of fury and its usual follower, regret, or sinking into the quicksand of resentment and despair. Suddenly you are standing at a crossroad.

If I can get as far as that, often times I just stay at the crossroad. I just stay there and wait. Wait until a response emerge, or I’m called for the next thing.

On a more positive note, you are in charge of creating your next moment.

Good luck on a Monday, where everything starts over again!

— Rebecca x

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