today insisted to be good

life's little tasty moments

donuts and coffee make the best morning

I was sure I was going to have a bad day today because the Little Precious kept me up between 3am to 5am. However, the day just didn’t let me.

The alarm didn’t go off at 5:45am so I slept in ‘til 6:30am.

I got washed and dressed uninterrupted by the Little Precious who was still sleeping in her little crib (she better be, after being up for 2 hours)

The sky was painted orange and pink by the sunrise.

Father-in-law gave me a ride to the bus stop and the bus came right away.

Coworker bought donuts for work, yay!

One last thing, as I sat down on the bus I actually felt HAPPY it caught me off guard. “Wow, what are you happy about?” I asked. While I listened to music, made a new playlist of favorite songs and wrote my Morning Pages, I knew. This was the best alone time I’ve had ALL WEEK.

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