it’s Spring, ends and beginnings


Yesterday I heard about a 90 year old man who decided and planned to end his life yesterday. He has no family or friends left except his amazing neighbors for decades, who helped him through the process and witnessed him end this journey. I think it’s a very good thing he has that option. Yet, something about it lingers. If I were in his position, what if in the last minute I realize I’m going to miss this world? I went for a walk and saw some cherry blossoms. And it all conspired into me making this little video and the poem below. Anyway, even without the story, I think it’s beautiful and I think you’ll like it.

It’s Spring.🌸


Every time one of you fly by
I thought you were a butterfly.
I held a bunch of you like
a fluffy little chick.
But you won’t last, not like this.
So you hop on the breeze and fly
away. Beautiful in life,
Beautiful all the way,


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