How I Ran Out of Love for My Child, and How It Came Back


How I Ran Out of Love for My Child, and How It Came Back –

On 4/13/18: I want to put it down in the history book that yesterday, my forever infinite love for my child is officially exhausted. She is a normal two and half year old who makes a mess wherever she goes. Every other thing I say to her is “No!” or “Stop!” My patience is all but extinguished, and for a week I’ve turned into a constantly frowning mom with a bitter pout.

I’m so sad. This is not the mom I’d been or the one I want to be. I hope I’ll get out of this rut soon and come up with some creative solutions…

This is how I feel today on 4/24/2018: For about a week now I have all but forgotten about that declaration of my loss of love. I only remembered it today because I remembered seeing that a Mercury Retrograde ended on 4/15. I’m not a believer in astrology like that, BUT, it ran from 3/22 – 4/15, and that for Capricorns, it meant loss of domestic happiness (and career hindrances, which was also true).

So, this was how I ran out of love and how it came back – it all just happened as naturally and quickly as the ebb and flow of the ocean, with possibly a mysterious trick by the planets.



Last word: It was hard to see at the time that love would come back at all. So I reached out to a Facebook community of mothers to help me through the dark night. Knowing that you’re not alone is what we often need most.

Because you’re brilliant and amazing, and especially if you like to write, ask to join! The group is called:



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