It’s hard work outside the comfort zone


It’s hard work outside the comfort zone

When we’re taking risks and leaving our comfort zone, things will change, and it gets uncomfortable. This makes sense. But when we begin to feel overwhelmed, like everything seems harder, more confusing, stressful and it feels like we can barely keep our head above water, too often we fall back into thinking that the reason we’re struggling is that we’re not good enough. We forget that learning, being in new territory and taking risks are challenging and debilitating by default.

As the discomfort continues, we can accept that this is how it should be, and flow with this new course of life that we worked hard and were brave enough to put ourselves into.

On a related note, living in the new, discomfort zone is exhausting. We can be so great at working hard and meeting deadlines that when we do have free time, we begin to wonder why we are not more productive. We forget that we are already doing a lot. Rest is more than just sleep. We also need idle time to unwind from our mental, physical and emotional hard work.

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