wrong choice

art, POEMS

(Wrote a poem to go with this painting I made)

Wrong choice of color

on the wrong choice of line

This is a labyrinth

of errors and design.

It’s an accomplishment

to stick to a plan.

But it’s a gift

to lose your way

and find

a new landscape.

The map was only

drawn in sand.

It’s gone the second

you leap.

you are both


No more believe in your light than your darkness.
You are both.

You cannot be the flower that’s turned towards the sun
without being the roots that fumble underground.

In the lonely bed or on the bathroom floor,
watch out for a calm that comes naturally
as day follows night.

the worst is always this


The worst is always this:
You think it’s all your fault.

You kneel before the victory of your flaws.
Your inherent darkness prevailing.
“Unlovable” seems to be the ultimate truth.
Don’t put your arms around it.
Don’t bring it with you.

Hear the angry screams of “why couldn’t you”
“why did you”, “you didn’t even” –
Listen, that voice assumes you could.
It believed you could.
Anger knows your power.
Let the pain burn and churn you
until you’re a pile of dirt
moistened by your tears,
ready for new growth.

And then, let morning
pick you up like a child.



“I feel like after a certain age, probably at least 30, every single one of us could write a memoir with the title Not What I Had Planned.” – Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert said in this interview. It’s so true! And I have arrived at that certain age. Out with the old to trust in the unknown.