Befriend Yourself and
Your Aliveness

Hello and Welcome.

It is a courageous step that you have taken to seek wellness for yourself, no matter where you are on this journey. I hope that my services will help and support you towards your innate freedom, joy, and power.

Body-mind-spirit wellness

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I offer services in somatic wellness for adult individuals seeking positive change from the struggles in their lives, e.g., in relationships, with their own thoughts and feelings, self-esteem, life purpose and meaning, or in family and parenting.

Using the modality Core Energetics in one-on-one sessions, we will explore emotions, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that support you in transformation into new ways of being and doing, and of relating to yourself and others.

Contact me at (206) 372-7919 or Rebecca@rebeccaliu.net to schedule a free initial consultation.

About me

I graduated from the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy (Seattle, WA, USA) and am working towards a Core Energetics certification under supervision of the school.

I love to make art and experience beauty. As I process and heal using Core Energetics, I realize that perfectionism takes away from our aliveness. Being alive is about experiencing and expressing our true selves, and some of us need help and support in finding the way back to ourselves.

Rebecca Liu

Associate Core Energetics practitioner, somatic healing services in Seattle, WA, USA.



+ 1 (206) 372-7919

All sessions currently on Zoom.

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