Rebecca Liu (she/her)
I’m a mother, artist, writer, Hongkonger-Chinese, lover of art and beauty.

Associate Core Energetics practitioner, Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy.
Seattle, WA, USA

Healing journey co-traveler, co-explorer, collaborator, safe-space container

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I’m a mother, artist, writer, Hongkonger-Chinese, lover of art and beauty.

It was in my own healing journey that I found a need for an integrated body-mind-spirit approach. For a while I worked hard at positive thinking, trying to understand and make sense of my feelings and experience. Yet, all of that did not really change my feelings and emotions. And when I allowed myself to feel my feelings, such as to have a good cry, it provided temporary relief but no lasting healing. Core Energetics taught me what was missing.

We are beings who have thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and we physically adapt ourselves to survive and cope with whatever happens in our lives. So in healing and wellness, we need to address all these parts of us. The physical element is the most often forgotten. Think of postures and how the way we carry our body; it changes how we feel and experience the world.

We are also very intelligent beings. We can develop complex adaptations and strategies that mask our true feelings and our true selves. Sometimes we need someone not only to witness us and show us safety, but to explore with and find our way back home to ourselves.

When we work together I may encourage you to connect and interact with your physical sensations, postures, and gestures because Core Energetics recognizes the interconnectedness between body, emotions, thoughts, will and spirit/beliefs. The goal of this practice is to reveal the blocks to your essential life force energy, so that you may have greater access to your energy.

May you come home and become more and more of yourself.

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