What is Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a type of somatic process and healing work centered on the recognition that humans are energetic beings born with an essential life force. We are intelligent systems of energy capable of adapting for optimum survival. Sometimes these adaptations become rigid. Rather than activating when we need them, they become fixed like habits we’re unaware of, blocking the flow of our life force and trapping us in vicious cycles. This can show up as mental health, physical health, and relationship problems.

Core Energetics emphasizes on the human potential for growth and transformation. As we process and heal, we begin to remove some of the blocks and restore ourselves to a state of greater health, where energy flows with greater ease and distribution across the levels of body, emotions, thoughts, will, and spirit. Our energy wants to find expression in the world and in our experience of our own aliveness and core self, we get to become more and more of ourselves.

Founded by John and Eva Pierrakos, Core Energetics evolved from Bioenergetics, which was developed by John Pierrakos and Alexander Lowen based on findings about human energy by the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich. While Bioenergetics developed a comprehensive set of physical exercises and movements for use in psychotherapy, Eva Pierrakos’s work, known as the Pathwork, added the spiritual elements and provided some of the foundational concepts to Core Energetics that set it apart from its theoretic predecessors.

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